5 facts about Prophet Muhammad (saws) you need to know

5 facts about Prophet Muhammad (saws) you need to know

We’re currently in the Islamic month of Rabi al Awwal, which is mostly known as the birth month of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saws), so we thought this time was the perfect opportunity to learn more and get inspired by the greatest man that ever set for on this planet. Here are 5 facts about our Prophet Muhammad (saws) that you need to know:

  1. The Prophet (saws) was a great example of strength and sabr Whenever you read about his story, you can’t help but feel touched and humbled by how strong he was through all the trials Allah (swt) chose for him. From being an orphan, to losing his beloved first wife Khadijah (ra) and his sons, Prophet Muhammad (saws) went through some the toughest hardships while having to deal with everything else implied by being a prophet and spreading the Divine message (disrespect, hate, wars…). Yet, he never complained or dared to question the will of Allah (swt), even before he actually got the revelation when he was 40.

  2. The Prophet (saws) always stood up for social justice It is very unfortunate that racism and discrimination exist within the Ummah when Allah (swt) and of course the Messenger (saws) absolutely condemn it. In fact, in a time where Arabs considered themselves to be superior to others and would heavily emphasize on the difference between races, Muhammad (saws) showed all of this a mark of ignorance and disrespect by naming is friend and former slave Bilal, as muezzin aka the one responsible for performing the Adhan and calling Muslims to salah.

  3. The Prophet (saws) always protected women One of the things we often hear ignorant people attack Islam on is the supposed mysoginy it is about… Such a shame they mistake the wrong behavior and entitlement of certain men with what our deen states on that matter, right? Islam was in fact the first religion to give proper rights to women (e.g. the right to inherit, to be consulted and heard as witnesses, to divorce) and Prophet Muhammad (saws) would always protect them. In addition to being very soft, caring and respectful to women, he also completely defied social norms (which are very much still timely nowadays) by accepting the proposal of a woman who was way older and more educated than him and loving her deeply.

  4. The Prophet (saws) was called ‘The Trustworthy’ This nickname wasn’t just used by people who decided to follow his message in Medina, but also by the Jews! Through everything that he undertook, whether it be business, war, being a husband, a friend or a father, Prophet Muhammad (saws) not only showed he was a great leader but also someone who was trusted by everyone, regardless of the mission he was on. He was a man of principles, who had Allah (swt) so close to his heart that he would be respectful and forgiving to absolutely everyone.

  5. The Prophet (saws) loved animals Something that is too often unheard of in our community is how important protecting our planet was to our beloved Prophet (saws) and what an environmentalist he was. From being a shepherd to having a cat he deeply cherished, he would always defend animals and take care of them. His love for animal is also perfectly illustrated in this hadith, as he said: “A prostitute was forgiven by Allah, because, passing by a panting dog near a well and seeing that the dog was about to die of thirst, she took off her shoe, and tying it with her head-cover she drew out some water for it. So, Allah forgave her because of that”. [Bukhari]. Subhan’Allah!

We hope this made your love for Rasul’Allah (saws) even greater! May we all take his example by remaining steadfast in our faith, being kind, just and caring to creatures around us and having the best behavior possible. Ameen!


May your heart always be rahat.


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