Our products are there to help you have a better connection with the One. In our little Rahatnook world will offer you complete transparency, so that you are familiar with every of our production steps and that you can become truly aware of the things that you buy.

There are two kind of awareness, one about the world that is around you and the second about your own self. Awareness is not something that is out there to be taken, we need to discover it and build it, slowly.

In the holy Quran the Lord said: “Don’t become of people who forgot Allah and Allah made them forget themselves.” (59:19) In other ayat He said: “Allah knows the secrets and even what is more hidden.” (20:7) He knows the things that are in your subconscious, that makes you behave the certain way. And the path to self awareness will lead you to God. So don’t forget God, and he will make you understand yourself. That will give you a chance to improve yourself and be better in every aspect of your life. Your spiritual closeness to Allah will make you understand things that are hidden inside heart and you will become better and hopefully one excellent human being.

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