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The French magazine Al Kanz has featured RAHATNOOK

We are very glad that Al-Kanz magazine, a well known french outlet which covers Islamic economy and news about Muslims in France and in the world featured us in their section „La e-boutique du week-end“ (The e-shop of the weekend).

These are some of the things they wrote:

“If you're looking for a (very) stylish, easy-to-carry, waterproof prayer mat made from non-synthetic materials, in this case wool, those from RAHATNOOK should appeal to you. A quick look at the e-boutique shows that the choice was made for minimalist designs. The reasons are of course aesthetic, but not only: carpets with many arabesques can disturb the concentration. Who hasn't thought they saw the head of a horned animal, real or imaginary, while praying on one of these rugs? This psychological phenomenon has a name: "pareidolia".”

Thanks do Al Kanz for this sweet review of our products and RAHATNOOK.

You can read Al Kanz' full article (in French) here.

Prayer rug

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