Blessings of Ramadan

Blessings of Ramadan

As we’re getting closer to Ramadan, we thought we would take time to reflect upon its meaning and share a few of its incredible blessings.

A time to clean our hearts
A lot of Muslims, even those who might struggle with their iman during the rest of the year, feel the spirit of Ramadan and take it as an opportunity to go back to the soul of Islam. It is fair to say that this dunya can get pretty overwhelming and make us lose a sense of what truly matters. Ramadan serves as the perfect opportunity to regroup and become better in our ‘ibadah. From reading the Quran and learning new things about Islam, to going to Tarawih after iftar, making lots of Sadaqah, Ramadan allows us to go back to Allah (swt) and realize how much He blessed us with.
Taking care of your body – it is an amanah

The first thing that usually comes to mind when we think about Ramadan is the long hours of fast. Spending the day staying away from food and water not only has a spiritual power we can’t explain, Subhan’Allah, but also happens to be excellent for your health. In fact, it is scientifically proven and highly encouraged by many food specialists, hence why so many non-Muslim people around the world practice it these days: fasting allows your body to purify itself and reset completely, so you can feel rejuvenated and appreciate all the things you usually take for granted even more.

Earning rewards 

Islam relies on five pillars, which are called this way because you cannot be a balanced Muslim without them. As Ramadan is one of them, that naturally means that this month plays an essential part in the way we practice our deen, but as for everything we do and sacrifice for the sake of Allah (swt), it comes with an immense reward. I mean, one of the gates of Jannah, which is called Ar-Rayyan, is reserved to those of us who fasted wholeheartedly during the month of Ramadan… Laylat ul Qadr, which is the night the Holy Qu’ran was revealed to our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saws), takes place during Ramadan too… Can you imagine how much the blessed month means to our Creator?

Make sure you take the last few days of Sha’ban to set faith goals and get yourself ready for Ramadan insha’Allah!

Stay rahat,


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