We started RAHATNOOK out of the need to put our foreheads on prayer mat from natural materials when on the go, just like home. We were looking for something nonsynthetic, still impervious and easy to carry but couldn’t find anything, so we decided to design something that  fulfills our needs.

After a long research and lot of sampling, we decided to create prayer mats (sajadah) with wool because of its great properties. It is naturally renewable and has the lowest carbon footprint, but high quality. Wool has a high degree of firmness and regenerates itself. The flake structure and the lanolin film of the wool provide optimal natural protection against dirt.


Your perfect companion throughout the day.

  • Made in Germany
  • 100% Merino virgin wool
  • Sustainably and fairly produced
  • Dirt and water repellent
  • Light as an apple
  • As big as two smartphones

  • Dimensions in cm: 122x60
  • Dimensions when folded: 16x16x4
  • Weight in g: 226
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NEBO prayer mat

We poured all our hearts in the design of the children's prayer mat and the search for someone who can materialize it. 

It’s tightly woven and beautiful to touch and (Besides for prayer it can be used for learning as) it shows a stellar constellation and a crescent moon on a gradient sky.  

  • Size in cm: 90x50
  • Weight in gr.: 220
  • Prayer mat for the kids
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RAHAT prayer mat

With our RAHAT prayer mat we want to inspire everyone to create a sanctuary dedicated for the most important dates of the day (and night).

In Divine Presence,  the prayer should be experienced with all senses, in a non-distracting environment. The design of the RAHAT prayer mat is inspired by the creation of our earth, dipped into tones of a flower meadow.

  • Size in cm: 129x73
  • Weight in g: 450
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MERAK prayer mat

Our comfort prayer mat is to be rolled out and kept a fix spot for devotion. In its puffiness it invites for longer prayer and comfortable sitting while reading the Quran. 

Prayer mat is handmade in bosnia, out of a 100% bosnian wool with the tufting technique. 

 Size in cm: 120x60

  • Thick in mm: 12
  • Weight in kg: 2.9
  • handmade prayer mat
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