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MERAK Sajadah Mat / Prayer rug - handmade in Bosnia

MERAK Sajadah Mat / Prayer rug - handmade in Bosnia

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Our MERAK prayer mat is to be rolled out and kept a fix spot for devotion. In its puffiness it invites for longer prayer and comfortable sitting while reading the Quran. Sajadah is handmade in our birthland Bosnia, out of a 100% bosnian wool with the tufting technique, which requires a thin base on the back, made of öko-tex cotton.

Size in cm: 120 x 59
Thick in mm: 12
Weight in kg: 2.9

  • About wool

    Wool has many unique, natural properties. Here is the list of most imported ones:

    Wool is water and dirt repellent. Due to the wool wax (wool grease) lanolin.

    Wool carpet is easy to maintain then synthetic fibers, because the material is stain-resistant. Vacuuming and an occasional steam treatment should keep your wool carpet in great shape for years.

    Wool carpet also deters bacteria and dust mites.

    Wool is natural, renewable resource. We do not need to plant it :). It is a secondary product of having the sheep. It just grows on them.

    Wool is flame retardant.

    Wool is the most durable carpeting option. Wool should outlast any nylon / syntactic carpet and actually makes it a very good option for every budget! It is strong and will withstand heavy traffic from feet and seating.

  • Care Instructions

    MERAK sajadah mat / prayer rug is handmade, with tufting technic. Please handle your prayer mat with love and care. Here is how:

    • Vacuum regularly – this is the most effective and environmentally friendly way of removing dust.

    • Do not shake nor knock out the rug – the rough treatment can damage the prayer rug.

    • Note that it is normal that the prayer rug will lose individual fibers when used. If you want to get rid of these excess fibers faster, you can vacuum the rug daily for 1 week.

    • ·Airing will also refresh your prayer rug, but please avoid direct sunlight and fog.

    • If you spill liquid on your MERAK prayer rug, it is best to absorb it with a cloth or kitchen towel. But do not rub it in, this will encourage the liquid to suck into the fiber.

    • Stains can usually be removed with a stain remover for wool carpets or a detergent for wool. Carefully pick up fresh stains that are still on with a spoon or the back of a knife. Then remove the remaining stain with lukewarm water or a weak wool detergent solution and a soft sponge and dry with a towel, but do not rub.

    • If the prayer rug is not used for a longer time, we recommend rolling up or covering it.

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Customer Reviews

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Perfect mat

wonderful attention to detail: the length of the mats was perfect. Longer than traditional mats. And the width is just perfect too. The material is natural, and so not as soft as synthetic mats, but overall the feeling is unique.

Wonderful service. May Allah bless the team. Please continue to expand the range. The clothing attire is interesting: something long to put on quickly and easily when praying at the office.

Beste Gebetsteppich auf dem deutschen Markt

Ich bin sehr zufrieden.