The Art and Soul of Islamic Calligraphy - Exploring the Beauty and Spiritual Depth of Arabic Writing

Islamic calligraphy as an artistic technique of handwriting or art of beautiful writing is known in Arabic as khatt arabi - Arabic line, design and construction. It developed as an original Islamic art with the time of our Prophet Muhammad s.a.v.s. and the beginning of the writing of the Revelation in Arabic. 

Suras and Ayas, The names of Allah t.a. and the Prophet s.a.v.s. are the universal foundation on which Islamic calligraphy is based and can be found in almost every Islamic household. The deep religious connection with the Qur'an as well as the rejection of pictorial art have made calligraphy one of the most important forms of artistic expression in Islamic cultures. It also reflects the centrality of the concept of writing and the written text in Islam. "The first thing God created was the writing tube." [Ahmad and Tirmidhi]  

Qalam, a writing tube made of dried bamboo or reeds is the traditional instrument of the Islamic calligrapher.  

Islamic Calligraphy

Islamic calligraphy also reflects reverence for the Qur'an, for by writing beautifully one strives to do justice to the beauty of the content. But it is not only the external, purely aesthetic quality that makes the art of calligraphy so special. The inward dimension of Islamic calligraphy also involves deepening one's personal relationship with God - it requires an inward focus on what is written by reflecting on what is written, internalizing the meaning, and reflecting through the art. It is an artistic creation that can contribute to both religious and personal development. An ancient Arabic saying illustrates this point by emphatically stating, "The purity of writing is the purity of the soul."  

Calligraphy is an art that requires a special talent if it is to be carried to real mastery. Nowadays, artists strive for this mastery wherever the Arabic script is cultivated in its calligraphic tradition.  

Bosnia has been cultivating this art for centuries. While in earlier times there were a number of calligraphy workshops in every Bosnian city, today one of the few that keeps the secret of the art of calligraphy is KALEM ART in Sarajevo. As an expression of appreciation for this art form and to promote these traditional workshops, Rahatnook provides a platform for the beautiful works of KALEM ART here.