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We started RAHATNOOK to create beautiful high quality products for a Muslims' everyday use. Our passion for simple design and natural materials led us to launch our woolen prayer rugs collection last year.


Now, we are excited to introduce our next project: prayer beads. We often get asked about the prayer beads in our photos, so we decided to make our own. We began by looking for small family manufacturers in the land of olive trees - Palestine.


The beads are made from the trees' annual cutting and have an olive oil finishing with a smooth velvety touch. The end of the tasbih is anchored by ten small beads for counting the rounds of dhikr and with their help the tightness of the tasbih can be easily adjusted. The final production of the tasbih will take place in our birth land Bosnia.


Wool prayer rugs - fair made & high quality Sajadah

We wanted to put our foreheads on natural materials when on the go, just like home. We were looking for something nonsynthetic, still impervious and easy to carry but couldn’t find anything, so we decided to design something that fulfills our needs.

After a long research and lot of sampling, we decided to use wool because of its great properties . We made this beautiful sajadah big enough to perform prayer without changing the position and still light and compact when folded so it fits in any bag. 

The minimalistic Islamic geometry design was inspired by the creation of heavens with a simple color pallet in blue and gold, so it doesn’t distract you from your most important date.



Your perfect companion throughout the day.

  • Made in Germany

  • 100% Merino virgin wool

  • Sustainably and fairly produced

  • Dirt and water repellent

  • Light as an apple

  • As big as two smartphones

  • Dimensions in cm: 122x60

  • Dimensions when folded: 16x16x4

  • Weight in g: 226


As a corner of solitude, a place of peace and coziness, RAHATNOOK refers to our “space of silence”, both spatial and spiritual. It stands for the time we deliberately take for our daily prayers to immerse ourselves into “another world”.

“RAHAT” [‘ɾɑ:hat] – peace, calm, comfort  | “NOOK” [nʊk] – sheltered place, cosy corner

In pursuit of rahat we are passionate about finding the best, ethically sourced and fair traded natural materials to create timeless and functional products for a muslim’s everyday use. To us, thoughtfulness and sustainability plays an important part in worshiping the One, and by honouring the raw materials He provided us with, we intend to make products that are made to last.


A daily commodity such as the prayer rug, which symbolises the outer boundary between daily life and meditation, should convey the same naturalness and timelessness as prayer. Our RAHATNOOK is made to embody the realm of tranquility and peace that we enter inwardly while experiencing contemplation and spirituality.

RAHATNOOK was born from the desire to establish naturalness and organic consciousness within every corner of our everyday lives. By doing so, we wish to offer muslims a pleasant framework for their daily ibadah in accordance with our principles: a natural, sustainable and fair approach dealing with our environment and our fellow human beings.

With a focus on natural materials, we do not compromise on quality, fair manufacturing and sustainability, and the timeless classic design of our products owns up to our deliberate rejection of unnecessary mass consumption.

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