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NEBO Children's prayer mat

NEBO Children's prayer mat

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We poured all our hearts in the design of the children's prayer mat and the search for someone who can materialize it.

Our Children's prayer matSajadah is tightly woven and beautiful to touch and (Besides for prayer it can be used for learning as) it shows a stellar constellation and a crescent moon on a gradient sky.  

  • Size in cm: 90x50
  • Weight in gr: 220

    Thanks to the special properties of wool, the care of wool products is also very simple. Since wool is naturally water and dirt repellent, prayer rugs and prayer mats made from wool only absorb dirt superficially. The secretlies in the lanolin: The natural fat content of sheep's wool lies like a protective layer around the wool fiber and thus prevents the penetration of dirt, liquid and odors into the fiber, which is why we also speak of the self-cleaning effect of wool.

    Wool can absorb approx. 30 - 35% of its own weight in moisture without feeling damp. In addition, the moisture can also be released very quickly. This is especially beneficial for our POCKET sajadah mat, which may be more exposed to moisture or humidity due to outdoor use.

    So that your prayer mat accompanies you for a long time, please handle it with love and care.

    • Shake out and vacuum with a light pull regularly - this is the most effective and environmentally friendly way of removing dust.

    • Airing will also refresh your prayer mat, but please avoid direct sunlight.

    • If you spill liquid on your prayer mat, it is best to absorb it with a cloth or kitchen towel. But do not rub it in, this will encourage the liquid to suck into the fiber.

    • Stains can usually be removed with a stain remover or a detergent for wool. Viscous substances first carefully pick up with a spoon or the back of a knife. Then remove the remaining stain with lukewarm water or a weak wool detergent solution and a soft sponge and dab the prayer mat dry with a towel.

    • Our Sajadahs should not be washed. If you still want to wash it once, please only in the wool wash cycle without spinning at max. 30 degrees Celsius. We recommend a greasing wool detergent. After washing, gently pull into shape so as not to damage the prayer mat and dry lying down. Please note that wool becomes a little fluffier after washing, which you will notice most likely in the fringes.

    • If your prayer mat is badly wrinkled, you can iron it at a low temperature. To avoid creasing during transport, we recommend rolling up the prayer mat instead of folding it.

    • Since our woven prayer mat is handmade and hemmed, thread escape can never be completely avoided. If a thread should flee, it is best to cut it with scissors and not tear it off ;)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Simply adorable! Great quality and beautiful design.

Freude und Neugier!

Ein besonderer Gebetsteppich für Kinder, den ich schon mehrfach im Familien- und Freundeskreis verschenkt habe. Die Eltern freuen sich speziell über das natürliche Material und die Kinder über eine eigene (auch bezüglich Größe) Kinderversion, die sie zur Gebetszeit ganz stolz in der Reihe ausbreiten - wundervoll geeignet, um die Kleinen ins Gebet mit einzubinden. Ausserdem werden dank der mitgelieferten Karte regelmäßig Sterne geguckt und Namen geraten - wunderschön!