Preserving the spirit of Ramadan

Preserving the spirit of Ramadan

Ramadan leaving undeniably feels bittersweet for most of us who have spent the past few weeks nurturing our iman and performing many acts of ‘ibadah. However, the end of this blessed month doesn’t have to mean we cannot make it last longer spiritually speaking. Here are three tips to keep preserving the spirit of Ramadan and to turn its valuable teachings into life habits!

1. Review your month

Maybe you started the month with a list of things you wanted to achieve, books you wanted to read, things you wanted to improve as a Muslim, or maybe you just went with the flow and taking each day as it comes while having a clear routine. Either way, reviewing your month when Ramadan is over is a great way to do some introspection, figuring out what you did well and what you could have done better. Write everything down and start noting the faith goals you want to keep up with and the new ones you want to implement.

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2. Ramadan shouldn’t be just a phase

A lot of us like to blame Shaitan for not being the best Muslim they can be throughout the year, until Ramadan comes around and it feels much easier to stay away from sinning and temptation. We should definitely take it as an opportunity to rejuvenate our faith while the devil is chained, but that doesn’t mean we can justify not being steadfast in our deen during the rest of the year… Ramadan is not a time rift! Our nafs plays a huge part in our everyday choices so it is essential to maintain the resolution you took and to have the right intentions once this blessed month is over. In order to do so, remember all the other special times we get throughout the year to show ‘ibadah and be more pious: fast during Shawwal, Sha’ban on the White Days or every Monday and Thursday, go to the mosque more often, read the Holy Quran daily…

3. Show gratitude to The All Mighty

We can clearly see how special Ramadan is: what it does to our bodies and souls almost feels magical Subhan’Allah and it is completely normal to feel sad when it’s over. However, it is so important to turn this feeling into gratitude: Allah (swt) granted us another Ramadan, another chance to purify ourself, to do lots of good deeds and get closer to Him… Isn’t this worth saying Alhamdulillah for? (I can hear you say ‘It sure is!’) Now that you’re grateful for this wonderful blessing, remember that the beauty of Ramadan deserves to be honored all year around, not only because of all its teachings, but also because you cannot be certain you’ll experience another one.

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May your heart always be rahat!


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