Sustainability Circle

Sustainability Circle

What does sustainability really mean? If you google it, you will find a lot of different answers. Some of them will probably suprise you.

Here’s an example: Off the coast of western Europa, someone recently organised a vegan-themed cruise. So vegans from all over the world flew there to cruise along the coast and eat vegan food – which might be a sustainable choice of diet but that’s not worth much if at the same time you choose the most unsustainable way of travelling. What do you think about that? I found the news article about that incident in German, you can read it here.

I am wondering: how did the people that chartered this cruise ship define sustainability?

We at RAHATNOOK believe that sustainability matters in every step of the production, in the sense that what we do should not cause any harm to anyone. Out of respect to everything that has been given to us, a conscious and responsible use of resources and interaction with the environment is crucial. To avoid environmentally harmful mass consumption, we need to create high quality products that are made to last.

Sustainability and natural materials go hand in hand and RAHATNOOK stands for both. One ideal sustainable rahat circle could look like this:

The production process starts with sustainable agriculture and origin of raw materials. To make sure we source sustainable wool, we take a very close look at how the sheep farms are run, how the animals are fed and how are they treated. For other fibres (e.g. cotton, linen) it comes down to organic agriculture.

In the next production step the raw materials are being processed, washed, colored, weaved, etc. It is important to us to make sure that the companies involved consume as little water as possible and that for all dyeing processes non-toxic chemicals are used.

For the packaging our products we will only to use recycled materials. We intend to create only meaningful, high quality products that are made to last. The timeless classic design of our products is a tribute to our deliberate rejection of unnecessary mass consumption.

Transparency matters to us and we would like to give you as much insight as possible to our processes and production, so that you can create your own opinion what sustainability for RAHATNOOK really means.

Stay rahat!


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