Why wool?

Why wool?

We believe that a good product starts with good raw materials. And by honoring the raw materials He provided us with, we intend to make products that are made to last.

So, why do we choose wool?

Personally, I love wool! I fell in love with wool after my wife and I had a daughter. As she was born, we started to dress her only in wool clothes. Her body temperature was always regulated and she did not have any allergic reaction nor rash. Baby wool clothes are usually mixed with silk, which makes them even softer. I never assumed that a person can be that excited about clothes.

Since then I try to purchase only wool products. If you never bought wool before, you will definitely notice the price difference to cotton or other materials. Nevertheless, investing in wool clothes is definitely worth every penny, as you will quickly notices the advantages this fabric has. I wore a wool abaya (or jellabiya) for a whole week and did not need to wash it. Sounds strange? Just try it!

Wool has many unique, natural properties. Here is the list of most imported ones:

Wool is regulating temperature. Depending on the outside temperature, it warms when it is cold, and cools in when it is warm.

Wool is breathing. And can absorb moisture (up to 35 percent of its own weight, without it feeling wet). It is therefore ideal for summer as well.

Wool is flame retardant.

Wool is water and dirt repellent. Due to the wool wax (wool grease) lanolin. Therefore, you can use the product more often, without a constant need to wash it

Wool is natural, renewable resource. We do not need to plant it :). It is a secondary product of having the sheep’s. It just grows on them.

Wool is resistant to wrinkling and sagging, as a wool garments are elastic and able to return to their natural shape.

Wool absorbs UV radiation providing great protection from the sun.

Here is one great article about wool from woolmark.

Stay rahat!

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